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Karate Stars™ features the masters and their fighting methods. Whether you are a beginner or an advanced black belt KarateStars.com offers the premier web portal into your Karate world.

Karate Stars™ provides periodic interviews with instructors and competitive athletes who are training to master and perfect the art and skills attained through discipline and practice. The warrior spirit is embodied perfectly in the martial art of Karate. Through the constant physical training of the body combined with a focused and centered mind the Karateka achieves a level of mastery of oneself and one’s environment.





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The Origins of Karate

Karate is a Japanese martial art that has its origins in Chinese Kenpo and other native fighting methods of the Ryuku Islands of Japan.

The word Karate derives from two words “Kara” often translated as “empty” and “Te” which means “hand”. Thus the emphasis was on the training to purify or empty the mind in order to achieve a higher level of mastery of one’s self and one’s environment. Karate warriors emphasize the empty hand methods of striking with hands, shoulders, hips, feet, elbows, knees and head. Attacking vital points of the body may be employed by the serious student of the fighting art. The use of grappling, locks and throws are also employed in order to overcome an opponent in combat or sport.

Karate training methods include “Kumite” which is sparring or may also include a pre-arranged series of fighting techniques while training with one or more opponents. The fighting may take the form of a combative exercise whereby, points are tallied for a strike or technique that contacts a body part. However, the karate fighter may pull the punch inches away from the intended target in order to show the technique without making physical contact. Thus avoiding potentially serious injuries from an actual strike or blow to an opponent.

The use of “Kata” or form is a patterned series of fighting techniques which are practiced in the air similar to “shadow boxing”; this art of Karate employs unique combinations of hand strikes, kicks, grappling and take downs. The method of kata allows the individual to rehearse and memorize movements that have application for an actual fight. Each movement may have one or multiple interpretations as to how the technique is employed in live combat or sport.

“Kobudo” training utilizes the use of weapons such as; the Bo (staff), Nunchacku (two clubs joined in the middle by a chain), spear, knife, tonfa, sword and shuriken (throwing stars).

The serious karateka may take a lifetime to master the art of Karate.

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